A HIGHLANDER IS COMING TO TOWN Claire Smythe is a high society woman trying…


Claire Smythe is a high society woman trying to escape the pressure of her family. She decides that Highland just might be the place to do it! Claire isn’t going to stay forever because this small town doesn’t seem to have much to offer which is why she chooses it as her hide-out. Soon enough, she starts creating relationships with the people in town. As much as she tries to push people away, they sure don’t make it easy. Especially Ms Meadows and Holt Pierson. Claire starts slowly falling in love with the people and the city. Now she has a big decision to make. Should she follow in her family footsteps or start a new life for herself?

This book put me right in the Christmas spirit. It is the 3rd book in the Highland, GA series, but I would have had no idea if I hadn’t looked it up. It is perfect as a standalone. Claire is easy to connect with if you’ve ever had to make a big life decision. You can feel the indecision and concern she has over the thought of changing her entire life plans. It’s really enjoyable to watch her grow as her own person throughout the story. It doesn’t hurt that this book is set during the holidays. If I wasn’t ready for Christmas, I am now! This story feels like a Hallmark movie, but it has more substance than your everyday holiday film. If you enjoy a holiday romance, I recommend you give this book a read!

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