BLOOD & ASH (The Jezebel Files Deborah Wilde Hollie Jackson (Narrator) Par…

🎧 📚 BLOOD & ASH (The Jezebel Files
Deborah Wilde @wildeauthor
Hollie Jackson (Narrator)
Paranormal Romance
8 Hours, 45 Minutes 🎧 📚

Ashira Cohen is a strong woman who works as a private investigator. She is snarky and stubborn. When there is a spree of abductions plaguing her town, Ashira refuses to back down until she catches the treacherous villains. While working, she learns that she has powers that were suppressed as a child. She has no idea how to use them, but she’s never been one to back down from a challenge. On top of everything going on, she meets Levi. Levi is arrogant, brash, and sometimes thoroughly intriguing. Nothing is ever boring for Ashira.

This book is full of excitement. Ashira is not a likeable person, but she is absolutely amazing as a character. She won’t back down to anything or anyone and is such an empowering character. People may look down on her, but she knows that without her help, there is no chance of finding the people who have been abducted. Her banter with Levi is so good. It gets a bit intense sometimes which makes this book definitely NSFW. The narrator also does a great job on this book. Any time she shifts who she is narrating, it is extremely clear which character is talking, and it’s exactly how I would have imagined these characters sounding. I really enjoyed listening to this book, and I recommend it.

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