THE CHRISTMAS HEIST Landis Wade- (Narrator) Christmas Mystery Harry Ed…

Landis Wade- @charlottereaderspodcast 📚
@billajones_sings (Narrator) Christmas Mystery

Harry Edmonds works for Santa Claus. He is tasked with holding onto a flash drive that contains names and addresses of all the little children. While Edmonds will swear that these things are true, the judge doesn’t believe him. Edmonds is currently on trial for stealing this flash drive for what appear to be nefarious purposes. The attorneys and judge know that Santa can not be real, therefore; there is no good reason for Edmonds to have this information. As the trial goes on, some interesting facts start to come to light.

This is such a good story to kick off the holiday season. After reading this story, I want to go turn on Hallmark and drink hot cocoa. It is a very quick read, but also very heartwarming. The characters have some witty quips that made me laugh out loud. Reading this book, I just wanted to believe that everything would work out and that Edmonds truly did work for Santa Claus. You’ll have to grab this book to solve this mystery. If you enjoy a good Christmas story, I recommend you check out this book! The audiobook’s narrated by the fabulous Bill A. Jones (Rod Remington/Glee)


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